The StopLik Story

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StopLik is simple to apply as a deterrent for the licking that causes Lick Granuloma, to stop companion animals from licking surgical sites, and from removing IVs, urinary catheters and Seton drains.



How to apply LikShield
LikShield was designed with a bacteria-free, FDA approved adhesive that may be applied over bandages or to a shaved area of skin.

To apply LikShield:

  1. Make sure the area where LikShield is to be applied is clean and oil-free.
  2. Clean the application area with rubbing alcohol.
  3. Cut LikShield to size if needed; cutting LikShield will not change its effectiveness.
  4. Remove paper backing from LikShield. Apply LikShield directly around an incision over the bandaged area.
  5. Trim LikShield to about a 1-inch overlap, covering the battery if wrapping the LikShield around a limb.
  6. Keep area dry.







To remove LikShield:

  1. Warm the LikShield patch with a warm washcloth to aid in the removal of the product.
  2. Discard the non-hazardous patch by normal means of disposal.
  3. LikShield should only be applied by veterinarians and trained veterinary technicians.