The StopLik Story

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StopLik is simple to apply as a deterrent for the licking that causes Lick Granuloma, to stop companion animals from licking surgical sites, and from removing IVs, urinary catheters and Seton drains.



What is LikShield™? 
LikShield is a Wound Management product developed to help discourage pets from licking areas healing from surgery. LikShield is primarily used on dogs and cats.

How does LikShield work? 
LikShield delivers a small electrical stimulus to the animal's tongue or nose when it attempts to lick the LikShield patch. The stimulus is similar to a static shock, but less than 1/200th of that strength. Your pet will also experience an undesirable taste as a result of their saliva coming in contact with the product. This will help prevent the pet from continually irritating the wound.

When is LikShield used? 
LikShield is used to help protect surgical sites or healing wounds. LikShield has also had success in limiting an animal’s ability to tear out IVs and Seton drains, promoting faster healing.

Will the electrical stimulus harm my animal? 
No. The electrical stimulus is applied only at the point of contact where the animal's tongue or muzzle touches the conductive ink on the LikShield patch. No electrical current passes through the animal's body.

How long does the battery last? 
The LikShield battery will last 5-7 days depending on environmental conditions. We have seen batteries last up to 21 days where the animal has been kept inside a dry environment.

What if the animal ingests the battery? 
LikShield was designed with your pet's safety in mind. The battery is located in a protective retainer ring to help prevent your pet from accidentally removing the battery. By nature, choking in dogs is uncommon. If you suspect your pet may have ingested the battery, please call your veterinarian immediately or call the Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222 in the US. In Canada call collect 416-813-5900. If swallowed, follow the veterinarian or Poison Center instructions and monitor pet to ensure the battery passes. Intended for pets only - keep out of reach of children.

What sizes are available? 
LikShield is available in a 6” x 9” patch that may be cut to size lengthwise. LikShield’s wide coverage makes it ideal for use on the abdomen, loin, back, tail head and other common areas. 

Where can I apply LikShield? 
LikShield is designed to function wherever post-surgery or injury licking occurs. For the most effective results, apply LikShield over a cohesive flex wrap type bandage or breathable medical tape. LikShield patches may be placed adjacent to each other to cover larger areas. The LikShield adhesive is FDA approved for human skin and may be applied directly to the shaved skin of an animal.

Why LikShield? 
In the unfortunate event that your pet suffers an injury or requires surgery, LikShield is a product that offers peace of mind in a stressful situation for both the animal and the pet owner. When pets lick their wounds or surgical sutures, it increases the likelihood of infection or prolongs the healing process. LikShield is safe, easy to maintain and a more effective alternative to bitter apple sprays and Elizabethan collars at deterring pets from licking.

Are there any restrictions on my pet's activities once LikShield is activated? 
Since the moisture from your pet's tongue and muzzle is what activates the stimulus, we recommend that you avoid damp or wet conditions while your pet is wearing a LikShield patch. LikShield will not harm the animal if it gets wet. However, moisture may cause the patch to short out and no longer work properly. Cover the LikShield strip with a plastic wrap or bag as you would for any bandaged area when your pet is in moist conditions.

Monitoring your pet's activities is the best practice.

How well does LikShield work? 
Clinical trials have shown LikShield technology to be successful in over 90% of all dogs, regardless of the size, age or breed, in deterring them from licking. In additional testing, LikShield appears to be 100 percent effective on cats.

How will my pet react to LikShield? 
Most dogs and cats tolerate the LikShield patch very well once it is in place and will generally ignore the patch after an initial sniff or lick. In cases of dogs with habitual licking issues, field studies with veterinarians, technicians and pet owners indicate that when using LikShield technology the dog experiences less stress and anxiety while healing.

How long can I use LikShield? 
LikShield may be used as long as recommended by your veterinarian. The battery life averages 5-7 days with some lasting up to two weeks. LikShield may be re-applied as necessary. There is no detrimental effect from extended use of the patch.

How do I dispose of my used LikShield? 
The materials used in LikShield are environmentally safe. The used product may be discarded by normal means of disposal.

Where can I purchase LikShield? 
Pet owners should contact their veterinarian to purchase LikShield. Veterinarians may purchase LikShield through a distributor, depending on your location. See our website for details. Veterinarians may also purchase LikShield directly from our website, or call our toll free number to have an order form mailed or faxed to you.

Additional questions? 
Please call us at 1-877-444-9440. Our Customer Service Department will be glad to answer any questions you may have.